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Full text of "The Footlight Club presents arsenic and old lace"

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dnAJijnk and Old <f£xai 


Directed by Florence E. Freeman 


Abby Brewster MARGARET MANN 


Teddy Brewster DON BILODEAU 

Office Brophy DAVID HIGGINS 

Mortimer MARK MacMILLAN 


Martha Brewster MILDRED ADELSON 


Elaine Harper MARY GATTER 


Einstein GERARD ROY 



Mr. Witherspoon JOHN FLETCHER 

The entire action of the play takes place in the living room 
of the Brewster home in Brooklyn. Time: The present. 


An afternoon in September 


That same night. 


Scene I : Later that night. 

Scene II: Early the next morning. 

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatist's Play Service Inc. 


Director Florence Freeman 

Producer Madelyn Burbank 

Stage Manager Ann Marie Foran 

Set Design Robert (Bob) Martin, Madelyn Burbank 

Technical Design George Magyar 

Stage Crew Kathleen Dooher, Arthur O'Malley, 

David Higgins, Mark MacMillan, Margaret Mann. 

Lights Kathleen Dooher, Arthur O'Malley 

Decor Alice Woodall, Robert (Bob) Martin 

Costumes Alice Woodall 

Make Up Mary Ellen Shea 

Props Ellen Shaw 

Prompter Ann Sullivan 

Publicity William & Susan Presley, Joan Foran 

Hospitality Janet Grey, Joan Foran 

Program Insert Mary Keefe, Joyce O'Connor 

The Club invites you to have refreshments in the William S. Parker 
Room following the second act. Champagne will be sold. Lights will be 
dimmed shortly before the end of intermission. 


Friday, May 10 — Mrs. James E. Amberman, Mrs. John T. Foynes, Mrs. Paul 

B. Kussman, Mrs. Margaret M. MacMillan. 

Saturday, May 11 — Mrs. Paul F. Abbott, Mrs. David D. Scannell, Jr., Miss 

Joanna Scannell, Mrs. David D. Scannell III. 
Friday, May 17 — Mrs. John A. Caskie, Mrs. David C. Foran, Mrs. Malcolm 

C. Reese, Mrs. Evelyn M. Sweeney. 

Saturday, May 18 — Mrs. Julius Crasco, Mrs. Charles M. Seidenberg, Mrs. 
Maureen Vaughn, Mrs. J. Martin Woodall. 


Friday — Ellen Kussman, Patricia Kussman 
Saturday — Patricia Mclntyre, Susan Mclntyre 
Friday — Jane Foran, Maura Vaughn 
Saturday — Wendy Ohen, Martin Kennedy 

Friday — Mr. James E. Amberman, Mr. Paul B. Kussman 
Saturday — Mr. Paul F. Abbott 
Friday — Mr. John C. Foran 
Saturday — Mr. James F. Vaughn III 


MARGARET MANN (Maggie) would probably call it Much Ado 
About Nothing, but it's really Love's Labors Lost to the F.C. as Maggie 
makes her farewell appearance in the role of Abby Brewster. "I've had 
fun doing everything, from props, prompting and producing, to other chores 
backstage, and I have played all sorts of eccentric little old ladies onstage." 
No eccentric herself, our audiences and players have warmed to this lady 
and her talents for many years. No big deal, as promised, Maggie, but we 
know courage, gallantry and humor when we see it . . . and we'll miss you. 
Exeter, New Hampshire (78 High Street) may be the new address, but we will 
always claim first rights to a remarkable friend and tireless Footlighter. Wish 
the play were Stand Up and Cheer. We would! 

CHARLIE WOLF irreverent to his delightful core, adds Reverend 
Harper to a list of roles extending back through multitudinous happy 
performances. He was not Born Yesterday, but he was Barefoot. He has 
had directors Halfway Up the Tree and we've never met Mary, Mary, but we, 
like our audiences, know that it is Never Too Late for Charlie. 

DON BILODEAU when not helping his alter ego, Teddy (Roosevelt) 
Brewster, lead the charge up San Juan hill, is a printer who majored in 
drama at the University of New Hampshire. He has appeared at the Pease 
Play House in N. H. and just recently at F. C. in Witness for the Prosecution. 

DAVID HIGGINS plays Officer Brophy by night and Catholic 
Memorial senior by day. He enters B. C. in the fall and hopes to include 
drama work in his courses there. Welcome to F. C, David. 

MARK MacMILLAN as Mortimer, barely resembles little Patrick 
Dennis of Auntie Mame fame a few years back, but bears a close resemblance 
to a promising young actor, which he is. He was active in the Junior's 
appearing in excerpts from Glass Menagerie and Tom Jones. Nice to see 
you again, Mark. 

MICHAEL PAVONE has given arresting performances before, so 
Officer Klein was a natural cameo for him. Nine prior shows, among them 
Plaza Suite, Hogan's Goat, Black Comedy, Witness, etc., make him a familiar 
and welcome figure on our stage. 

MILDRED ADELSON must be a good actress because, unlike Martha 
Brewster she hasn't got a murderous bone in her body! To act well means 
making the improbable believable and Mildred started doing that at age 16, 
when she played a 60-year-old woman in Awake and Sing with the Ford 
Hall Players. Since then, she has reaped the rewards of her many skills 
on both sides of the footlights. The kids who come to the Jamaica Plains 
library know how lucky they are to have her and we, who come to the 
Footlights, enthusiastically share their sentiments. 

ROBERT GOLDMAN is as good as gold to have around, man. He 
makes his Footlight debut as Mr. Gibbs tonight, the third family member 
to display his talents at Eliot Hall. Welcome and break a leg, Bob! 

MARY GATTER as Elaine Harper is another Footlight "first." She is 
a medical student who has appeared elsewhere in Murder in the Cathedral 
and Death and Santa Claus. She didn't say so, but it sounds like she's 
studying to be a pathologist. Enjoy her while she lasts and happy first to 

AARON JACOBS is making a second Footlight appearance as the 
malevolent Jonathan. Earlier credits include Funny Girl with the Wellesley 
Players and Blythe Spirit at the Footlights. Guess all that happiness just got 
too much for a Professor of Economics and we think his conversion to 'the 
heayy' will be rewarding for Aaron and for you. 

GERARD ROY creates the role of Dr. Einstein, tonight, so out of 

character for a young man whose humanitarian instincts led him to volunteer 
as a Paramedic in Guatemala and who now undertakes the task of 
Coordinator for Summerthing in J. P. We are sure you'll like his spring thing, 
too, and F.C. welcomes him warmly. 

DAVID SCANNELL plays Officer O'Hara with the touch to be 
expected of a third generation Footlighter. A teacher in Boston, son of a 
former F. C. treasurer, he was most recently seen in Witness for the 
Prosecution. How legal can you get, David? 

PAUL SULLIVAN is senior officer in our little police force as Lt. 
Rooney, but in reality he is a Junior at Boston College. A recent juror in 
Witness, he has plans to become an attorney and presently works in the 
Consumer Proteaion Division of the Attorney General's office. He is 
currently researching the labeling on arsenic bottles . . . but see for yourself 
how well he does it. 

JOHN FLETCHER is a welcome returnee whom we see tonight as Mr. 
Witherspoon. You will remember him in Hogan's Goat and Black Comedy. 
It's pleasant to see you again, John. 

FLORENCE FREEMAN has direaed so many popular produaions at 
Footlight that we did the only thing we could . . . made her our President! 
The Fantasticks was her most recent effort and she has our very special 
thanks for her work on the current production. She is deft, witty and 
respectful of the playwright's work . . . but see for yourself what happy 
results that combination creates.